How to get involved


Strengthening older people’s rights can only be achieved with broad public support in many countries. In each and every country, action is necessary by stakeholders from across society. Older people themselves and civil society organisations have a pivotal role to play through educating, gathering evidence, collaborating and giving voice to their specific issues of concern.

Civil society must show UN member states that older people count. To do this, the Global Alliance for the Rights of Older People asks you to join our efforts and take action in four key areas:

  • Encourage your Government to take part in the OEWG process
  • Engage in dialogue with policy makers and leaders in your country about older people’s rights and the need for a convention
  • Spread the word! Older people and organisations that work with member states must make their voices heard.
  • Attend the OEWG meetings

Here are some ways for you and your organisation to be involved in this ground-breaking international dialogue:

Get involved with the Open-ended Working Group

  • Inform your government representatives about the OEWG
  • Provide information on discrimination against older people and violations of their rights to government representatives in capital cities and to their UN Missions in New York
  • Meet with government representatives to discuss issues that you think need to be raised in the OEWG
  • Work with journalists on media articles on older people’s rights
  • Encourage older people’s groups and associations to advocate for their rights

Build Support

  • Get the commitment of your organization to work towards a convention on the rights of older people
  • Educate your organization, other NGOs, media, and all levels of government on specific issues that resonate with the lives of older people
  • Reach out to other groups (e.g. youth, religious, unions, women, people with a disability), to form alliances and foster social solidarity
  • Create a shared information network among organizations and with the public via the internet, YouTube, blogs, interviews, letters to newspaper editors and other media
  • Develop and implement a strategy to build public support for a convention
  • Share developments with other organizations both within and outside your country
  • Invite other organizations to join GAROP by adapting and disseminating this recruitment flyer.

Get the facts

  • Translate key UN and rights-related documents on this website into local languages that can bring people together with one voice and a common understanding
  • Gather evidence of discrimination, abuse, neglect, or violence against older people
  • Collect the latest population and socio-economic data about older people in your country

Influence policy makers

  • Identify key ageing focal points in government and other decision making bodies with whom conversations and advocacy efforts must be focused
  • Call, write and meet legislators and administrative officials to discuss specific rights-based issues of older people and to advocate for a convention

If your organization wants to get involved with the work of the Global Alliance for the Rights of Older People, please input your contact details [here]