GAROP’s January – July 2017 work plan 2017-07-02T15:32:44+02:00

GAROP’s January – July 2017 work plan

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In the period of January to July 2017, the Global Alliance for the Rights of Older People has the focussed task of re-establishing itself and helping civil society organisations to respond effectively to the next OEWG meeting planned for July 2017. To this end, the following objectives are most important to achieve:

  • Build a broad multi-stakeholder civil society membership base that is working together to strengthen civil society voice with national human rights institutes, member states, and the OEWG process
  • Strengthen communications with GAROP members so that members are aware of information that can help their work at national, regional and international levels and identify opportunities to work together
  • Prepare for the OEWG meeting in July
  • Identify funding sources for continued and more effective Global Alliance activity

The following activities are a starting point for taking this work forward:

  • Recruit GAROP Secretariat coordinator (January)
  • Establish Interim Steering Group (January)
  • Website – update, technical & content (January/February + ongoing)
  • Membership database – cleanup list, recruit new members (January / February + ongoing)
  • Communications with members – establishing regular flow of information via email and through website (January-March to create a well-functioning system, including members sharing information between themselves)
  • Develop collaboratory funding propositions and approaches (January-February); approach potential donors (February-July).
  • Facilitate members working together on different work streams in preparation for July OEWG (March-July)
  • Share resources developed by members to strengthen engagement (January-July)
  • Plan workshop for day before OEWG
  • Plan GAROP members meeting for after OEWG

The priority in the first three months should be on enabling GAROP to demonstrably communicate more effectively with its members and add value to their work through greater information flows.

The priority for the second three months should be preparation for the July OEWG.

Securing further resources should be a priority throughout.